Texmoda Tessuti, which has always been sensitive to environmental issues, pursues the objectives of sustainability by acting on various fields in order to create eco-sustainable fashion. Today, being a sustainable company means making choices capable of lowering the environmental impact of our production activities, containing consumption, designing and creating objects that for used raw materials, the methods with which they were processed, the end-of-life behavior, reduce the impact on our planet. For this reason, the company is committed to creating a virtuous supply chain with constant attention to the entire production cycle.


In addition to the various projects and initiatives we witness that promote conscious fashion, we are proud to have obtained various sustainability certifications and to collaborate with yarn suppliers to demonstrate our responsible and always up-to-date commitment. We dedicate time and work hard to help leave a positive impact not only from an environmental point of view, but also by prioritizing the economic, human and cultural heritage.



Texmoda has always used regenerated wool and cotton to reduce the environmental impact in its productions. The carded fabric, obtained from the recovery of old clothing and production waste, has been the traditional and main product of the Prato district since the mid-nineteenth century. Right from the start, the regeneration of wool achieved great success, reducing the costs of the raw material and the process and giving birth to a new professional figure, namely that of the rag-picker.
Even today, carded regenerated leather is the star of Prato’s textile production because it not only lends itself to creative and ever-changing processes, but above all because it is linked to the concept of environmental sustainability. In fact, the recycling and reuse of already treated fibers make it possible to limit processing, the use of chemical products and waste of water, saving energy and subtracting 22 tons of materials from the waste disposal cycle every year.


A calculation, necessarily approximate, on the basis of these 20,000 compared to the equivalent of virgin fiber, leads to an estimate of savings of:

We guarantee transparency through corporate responsibility which aims to improve at 360 degrees, above all by protecting both our customers and our workers.
We promote the image of a Prato sector that is fully focused on the sustainable phenomenon.
We are constantly growing between practices and objectives to be completed, in order to be part of this change to have a better world. What sets us apart is our loyal team who are at the heart of our business and allow us to fully place their trust, supporting them with respect, well-being and safety.



Texmoda uses solar cells that convert the sun’s radiation into electricity, totally clean and with low environmental impact.
In this way, the photovoltaic system creates new sustainable energy, reducing the use of fossil fuels, also eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring energy self-sufficiency.


The water is naturally recycled and reused in our processes in total safety. Wastewater recycling helps improve water quality, save energy and reduce its discharge and disposal costs.


Certified eco-friendly packaging is used to wrap our fabrics, using both paper and recycled plastic. A way of thinking that embraces the sustainable value of the company, without losing the utmost attention to detail and the simple but elegant design that makes every purchase special.


We believe in a fair, inclusive and positive culture for our team and are committed to good corporate social, legal and political behavior. We are against discrimination of all kinds and are happy to represent gender equality through the increased presence of women working within Texmoda. Click on the link to read our policy