FW 24

The FW 24 collection follows the wave of the summer by focusing on the use of very bright colors such as yellow, orange, purple and red combined with classic motifs to create a more captivating and innovative look. There are also more refined textures, combined with natural tones, for a modern look that is suitable for any occasion.

Here too there is no shortage of patterned threads to give that refined and lively touch that give a new vision to the coat and jacket.

Our supply chain always has as its focal point the creation of a product that complies with current requests regarding the minimization of waste, implementing a circular path especially aimed at raw materials.

SS 23

The SS 23 collection rediscovers the most glamorous and trendy side of each individual through the use of various effect threads and patterns that give light to the fabrics. The color palette comes to life even more, ranging from the warm shades of pink and red to the cold shades of blue and green. Natural tones continue to be present, however enriched by their combination with more particular structures such as trefoil chains and armor in relief.

A fundamental point remains the search for sustainability through the use of recycled raw materials.

FW 23

The FW 23 collection takes inspiration from the “Cool cocooning” trend: a word that encompasses a sensation, a soft and enveloping feeling transmitted in the creation of fabrics.
A proposal suitable for chic coats but with a playful touch, giving a fit that adapts to the body, reassuring it.
A palette of vibrant colors that varies between shades of pink and burnt red and the new range of lagoon greens.
Without forgetting white, grey and burnt camel which are our must-have colours.Texture is another fundamental and characterizing element of this season: structured weaves, bouclé yarns and three-dimensional effects for a cool luxury.
The fabrics are made using materials and manufacturing processes that aim to protect the environment, reflecting the sustainable value of the company.

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