Detox Greenpace

Texmoda Tessuti recognizes the importance of eliminating dangerous substances from our production cycle, for this reason, in March 2016, we signed the Detox commitment, promoted by Greenpeace, thus initiating an important path of improvement. We share this commitment with a group of companies in the textile district of Prato, coordinated by Confindustria Toscana Nord.

This new path aims to enrich our constant commitment to respect the environment and the health of workers and consumers through quality products and processes.

As part of our commitment to the reduction of hazardous substances, we have committed ourselves to eliminating 8 groups of dangerous chemicals from our industrial processes, leading to the ambitious goal of eliminating 11 groups of harmful substances in 2020.

CID Consortium Italian Implementation Detox

The Italian Detox Improvement Consortium handles environmental sustainability within companies of the fashion system chain. It was created, first and only in the world, as a reaction of some companies members of Confindustria Toscana Nord to a challenge launched by Greenpeace:

To remove harmful substances to humans and polluting for the environment by clothing.

Thanks to analysis, studies, research and passion of some businessmen today we can say that an eco-friendly fashion is possible. Embark on a path of improvement toward the removal of many chemical substances, remaining faithful to the transparency of the Detox Greenpeace campaign, it could be difficult , but not impossible.

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